Miraka Restoration

MIRAKA'S original construction was the best to be found. The quality of the Teak is extraordinary, no longer available to our knowledge. Her HULL is 1 and 5/8 inch old growth Burmese teak planking on 4" x 4" double sawn I-pole frames 16" on center re-fastened and recorked. The deck is 1 and 1/2" old growth Burmese teak refastened with 2 and 3/4" silicon bronze fasteners. All power , electrical and plumbing systems have been upgraded and updated/ replaced to meet today's standards.

Miraka Restoration almost finishedShe has all the current navigation equipment including auto pilot and gps that integrates with laptop computer. There is not an aspect of her that was overlooked mechanically or asthetically. For you PIRATES out there she's authentically square-rigged! She even provides the comfort of a Queen size bunk in the Captain's cabin. The list of work accomplished on Miraka over the years is endless. Please avail yourself of the photos depicting both construction and the end result. With serious interest we'll be happy to provide thoroughly detailed and documented information on all completed work. She's a beauty and our only problem was that when she was finished she wouldn't fit inside a glass bottle.